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Garage Door Installation in San Antonio

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The door you choose for your garage will be the image you come home to each and every day. After a long day of work (or play), you deserve to be welcomed by a garage door you absolutely love. And hey, having a door you know will stand the test of time certainly doesn’t hurt either!

At Tune Up Garage Door, we have been helping San Antonio-area residents select and install all types of garage doors for years. Our skilled team can walk you through the different benefits of every type of door and help you select the perfect door for your home. Plus, we offer same-day service for any garage door installation!

New Garage Door Installation in San Antonio, TX

Call now, and we will gladly schedule an appointment for one of our skilled professionals to touch base and accomplish a thorough review of your garage door needs. This way we can be sure every new garage door we install meets and/or exceeds our customers expectations. We can help you determine what kind of door will not only improve your curb appeal, but also be the best choice for daily use. We offer a large selection of sizes, styles and colors in all of our standard replacement doors. For the ultimate choice, we have available today’s popular trend known as Carriage-Style doors. Carriage-Style Doors are premium items today among homeowners because they give an “Old-World” look and luxurious feel to your home. These doors have their very own variety of styles, colors and materials. They are not only very well made, but are very durable and will give your house a completely new and updated look for many years.

Steel Garage Doors Installation

We install a wide range of styles in steel. Steel garage doors are our most popular because of its low maintenance and last a long time. There are 3 options in every style. A 1000, 2000 and 3000 series. The difference between them is insulation. The 1000 is a single sheet of steel. The 2000 is a single sheet of steel with an exposed insulated backing. The 3000 series is what we call a sandwich, its has two layers of steel with insulation between them. The 3000 naturally last longer and provides better insulation and is more green than our 1000 or 2000 series

Steel Garage Doors installation
Installation Process Tune Up Garage Door San Antonio

Our Garage Door Installation Process

Our Garage Door Installation Process: Garage door installation is a precise and complicated process that is best left to the professionals. Here’s a general overview of how the professionals at Tune Up Garage Door will install your new overhead garage door:
  1. Track Placement: We start by carefully measuring your garage’s dimensions. From there, a professional installer will place the tracks the inside framing of the garage door opening. They take factors such as the headroom, type of door, and space needed for optimal operation of your new door into account.
  2. Door Installation: The next step is garage door installation. Our garage door experts will secure the door panels one at a time, connecting each panel with sturdy screws and hinges. Your new garage door will be built on-site from the ground up to ensure smooth operation and a snug fit.
  3. Opener Installation: The final step in the process is installing a new garage door opener . If you’re not installing a new opener, our experienced installer will perform a tune-up and lube your existing garage door opener. They will then connect it to your newly installed door to give you a system that will open and close smoothly for years to come.