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A garage door opener is an important feature of any garage door system; the opener serves as the control mechanism for opening and closing it and providing security for your home and garage. A garage door opener is a motorized, complex mechanism connected to a switch on the garage wall or operated by remote control.

There are three common types of garage door openers: the chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. The names refer to the different types of pulleys contained in the motor of the garage door opener that moves a trolley back and forth on a track, enabling the opening and closing of your garage door. A power unit is attached to the track.

There are other components of a garage door opener; a quick-release mechanism used during emergencies or power failures and signal sensors connected to access devices and receivers. At the same time, it includes a complicated assembly connected to a power unit.

Overall, repairing a faulty garage door opener is not a job for an amateur. It’s a very complex mechanism that requires expert servicing. We specialize in fixing defective openers and have over twenty years of experience with thousands of satisfied clients.

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Benefits of a Modern Garage Opener for San Antonio Homes

Today’s garage door opener system is more than just a garage door remote.San Antonio residents who have us install one of our Tune Up garage door openers can benefit from MyQ® Smart technology that gives you total control over your garage door from virtually anywhere. You can set the control panel to allow you to schedule the garage door to open or close automatically and even open and close the door or turn lights on and off remotely using an app you download to your phone or other mobile device.

The added security of the Security+ 2.0TM system means you’ll never have to worry about someone hacking your garage door code to break into your home. The rolling code system changes constantly to protect you from hackers and you can get alerts to your phone whenever the door opens or closes. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that wherever you are, you’re fully aware of the status of your garage door and can open or close it as needed.

Garage Door Opener Repair in San Antonio Texas
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What Is A Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

A belt drive garage door opener is super quiet. Our belt drive opener models are some of the quietest garage door openers you can buy. These openers are especially great for garages that are attached to the house. We’ve all heard what a noisy garage door opener sounds like, with a belt drive opener you’ll experience less sound and vibration when the opener is operating. A belt drive is typically available as an upgrade over a chain because the belt drive garage door opener is quiet because it’s belt-driven. The use of a chain in the chain drive opener and the use of a screw in a screw drive opener are noisier than the reinforced steel rubber belt that is used on the belt drive opener. The belt opener design allows smoother operation which reduces the overall noise level. Smoother operation means there’s no jumping off the door and fewer vibrations. Not only is it quieter but the steel-reinforced rubber belt is very strong and durable.

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